“Marina Abramović Still Doesn't Give a Fuck”

Hosted by James Yeh, originally published on (2016)

Still from “VICE Meets Marina Abramovic”

Since the 1970s, Marina Abramović’s art has pushed the boundaries of performance and physical endurance, staging confrontational pieces that center on her own often-naked body as the object, subject, and medium. Now, at nearly 70 years old, the Serbian-born performance artist has just released her memoir, 'Walk Through Walls,' which chronicles her extraordinary journey from an unhappy upbringing in the former Communist Yugoslavia to the pinnacle of the international art world. On this episode of 'VICE Meets,' culture editor James Yeh spends time with Abramović in Brooklyn to talk about her engaging new memoir, the obstacles she's faced throughout her career, and why it's important every now and again to stare up at the sky.

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