By James Yeh, originally published in Tank Magazine (2014), reprinted in Taste Magazine (2017)

Illustration by Paige Vickers.

A loud-talking couple had been seated next to us at the French restaurant and we spent our dinner distracted, listening in.

The couple looked around our age. The guy was trying to be charming with the server by pretending he was unable to pronounce the dishes correctly when, in fact, he actually was unable to pronounce the dishes correctly, and I remember how the server and his date just let him.

Mools, this guy was saying. Mool-lays.

Haha, said the server, who said this without changing the expression on her face. She shifted her heels.

Mools, he went on. Lez mools. Lez mool-lays.

The guy smiled self-consciously for a moment and looked at his date, who nodded.

Lays mool-lays, he added.

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