Selected work


“Translating a Person” by Alejandro Zambra for The Believer

“Weather Reports: Voices from Xinjiang” by Ben Mauk for The Believer

“Such Perfection” by Chloé Cooper Jones for The Believer

“Trilingual Plush Octopus” by Alejandro Zambra for The Believer

“Send in the Clones” by James Pogue for the The Believer


“William F. Hobby Airport” by Eileen Myles for The Believer

“Crestwood Lake, Allendale, New Jersey” by Lisa Ko for The Believer

“Tool: Timberland Boots, $190” by Bijan Stephen for The Believer

“The B-Side of Blackness” by Zandria Felice Robinson for The Believer

“How to Make a French Exit” by Eugene Lim for The Believer

“How to Talk to Bears” by Tennessee Jones for The Believer

“Our Fish” by Michael Snyder for The Believer


“Dear Students: A Letter from Your Muslim America Teacher” by Zaina Arafat for

“My Time with the Bangladeshi Bloggers Facing Terror and Machete Attacks“ by Ranbir Sidhu Singh for


“Does America Deserve Malala?” by Ayesha Siddiqi for

“Blackface Refuses to Die” by Ashley Clark for

“I Played ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’ on a Bar Jukebox Until I Got Kicked Out” by Timothy Faust for